10 days!

I have exactly ten days left until I start at FFC with credit private! I’ve completed all writtens in the high 90s and I am reviewing the archer supplement now.

I’m trying to prepare myself as much as possible. I trained in a C152 and a C172 for my PPL with conventional gauges. What challenges can I expect when transitioning to a G500?



I think you will find the transition to glass relatively easy, I would say it is harder to go the other way. If you can figure out an iPhone, you will be able to figure out an advanced airplane.

Good work on getting all the writtens done early, that will be a huge help to you.



The transition isn’t hard but you need to plan on taking some deliberate steps to learn the Garmin products. ATP partnered with King Schools to offer online training programs for the G1000, 430 and I believe the 500 as well (they all pretty much work the same). Take a look on your student extranet. Learning the PFD is pretty straight forward. For your Instrument training and checkride, just make sure you learn how to load procedures, complete a RAIM check, operate the HSI in OBS mode for non published holds, load a flight plan, and of course all the systems that are used for Electronic Flight Displays (AHRS, ADC, etc). Know the different pages of the MFD and how they are useful to you as an instrument pilot.

Your are going to have a blast. Enjoy it :slight_smile:

Sounds great Chris, thanks for the reply!

Thank you Trey, I’ll take a look now. I’m looking forward to it!