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100 hr multi required for other flight school?

So i know this question has been asked a dozen times already but I just wanted a clarification on one thing.

If I am planning on instructing at another school besides ATP do I absolutely need to do the 100hr option in order to increase my job prospects? ATP will be my first choice but I want to be prepared and equipped in case that doesn’t work out.



Here’s the dillio, ultimately your goal is to fly for a Regional and while everyone talks about the 1500hr total time requirement, some also have a multi-time requirement (and even if they don’t “require” it, it’s something they like to see). Now ATP is one of the few flight schools that does a ton of ME instruction. If you’re going to instruct for ATP you will, without question, end up with hundreds of hours of ME time so why pay for extra ME time when you can GET PAID for it. So what happens if you don’t instruct for ATP? Most of your local flight schools don’t have twins and even if they do they simply don’t do much ME instruction so the chances of getting your time up is slim.

Now truth be told RIGHT NOW most of the Regionals are so short they have removed their ME requirements or lowered it down to the 50 required for the ATP rating, so honestly you should be fine either way. Thing is conditions change and you having the 100hrs would make you more competitive if they do. But personally I don’t believe they will anytime soon. Bottomline, you’ll be fine with the 40.


I agree with Adam. The 40 hour program will be plenty of multi. I would
also encourage you to consider this though. It’s not all about multi time.

Take a look at the experience requirements for an ATP rating in FAR 61.159.
If you don’t meet those minimum requirements, you’ll end up with a
Restricted ATP. Now, some people are TOTALLY okay with that. Just something
to consider.

I’m not trying to persuade you to instruct for ATP. You do what is right
for you. I’m simply giving you another perspective. Instructing for ATP is
an easy and sure way to meet those min ATP exp requirements. Most pilots I
know that instructed elsewhere picked up second jobs or purchased more
flight time to avoid getting a restricted ATP. None of them regretted their
decisions. So with that, again, do what’s right for you.

Adam and Tory, thanks for your great input! This information will be useful and helping me make a decision.


Is there a pay difference between instructing single and multi at ATP?

No, instruction time is simply that.