$1150 speeding ticket

Hello all,
Today I got caught speeding on an empty section of highway very early in the morning. 100mph in a 55mph, an $1150 fine, and possible 30-90 day drivers license suspension. I have no prior criminal record. I plan to go to court and plea no contest and talk with the judge. I am an 18-year-old student pilot about to take my PPL checkride with hopes of getting to the majors. I am very concerned that my momentary lapse of judgment will come back to haunt me severely when I try to apply for CFI, regionals, majors, etc. Obviously, I will never do this again, but do you guys think this will turn down future employers?
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You should be concerned but obviously you weren’t concerned enough. Sadly in today’s environment IF you remain clean (which is a BIG IF?) you should be fine due to the shortage and the fact you won’t be ready to interview for a few years. That said let’s be clear, if/when you get invited to interview at DesperateAir and they ask about this license suspension, when you tell them “it was a momentary lapse of judgment” “on an empty section of the highway early in the morning” you should know if someone like me is sitting on the other side of the desk you’d be done. Let’s examine the situation, since I’ve been driving twice as long as you’ve been alive I know cars don’t just hit 100mph, it takes time and pressure on the gas pedal to pass 55, 65, 75, 85, 95 and eventually 100. Further the fact that you recognize the fact it was early on an empty road means you analyzed the situation and foolishly MADE THE DECISION that it was cool. It wasn’t. It was stupid, reckless and you could have killed yourself not to mention other innocents who’s only mistake was being on the road with you.

As I said unfortunately you’ll probably be fine but never forget you may find yourself sitting opposite an old crusty like me who’ll shut down your entire career in less time than it took you to go from zero to 100 :slight_smile:



I appreciate your take on the situation. Thank you Adam


If I were on a hiring panel, I would not hire you. You showed very intentional disregard for the law and my thought would be that that behavior would probably carry over into your flying. In today’s environment, you do stand a chance though, especially at the regional level. You need to keep your record absolutely spotless and own your mistakes, instead of making excuses for them.



Your honesty ,true assessment of these situations and your straight forward answers are always appropriate and appreciated.
I wish more people would read these boards and learn how to be truthful rather than being “politically correct “ in order to not hurt someone’s feelings.

Not sure they’re always appreciated but thanks Sean :wink:



also would like to add that thankfully I got it written up as a violation and not a misdemeanor charge if that changes anything.

Either way, it is a massive ticket to overcome.



I spoke with a traffic court lawyer today and they said they will most likely be able to reduce the charge and get rid of the license suspension which would be very good because I know license suspension is something you have to report on the medical. With that gone it’s just a bad speeding ticket. Keeping a spotless record from now on.

Employment is not going to be an issue, you were LUCKY. Just like when you got caught taking something small, then you felt guilty, I suspect this is the same situation. If you had not of gotten caught, would you still feel bad about what you did? I think not.

Being young comes with stupidity, we were all young at some point. But driving like that is equivalent to shooting off a gun in random directions, with your eyes closed.

The BIG question is, what will you do with your lesson? Will you go forward being glad all ended up ok, just a fine and whatever? Or will you post on ALL social media to friends and unknown people that you now realize that you can’t count the number of lives that you put in danger and could have killed or worse? How many other vehicles did you pass (both directions)? How many pedestrians? How many businesses & homes? Every living thing you went by, driving stupidly, put their lives at risk. By going on social media and telling everyone how stupid you were and what could have happened (list as much as possible), perhaps you can take ownership of your error and help prevent others from doing the same.

Will You???

You should look into flying jets, and put your efforts there.

Update: License did not get suspended, speed dropped to 99 so I had to pay a fine and that is all. Will never be doing that again…

Good, or we will have to start calling you Richard Petty.