15 year old flight school?

Hello there, and nice to meet you.

I’m currently in high school and a 15 year old. For the past 3 years I’ve always wanted to do flight school or something with becoming a pilot, but my parent always said I was too young. Now that I’m 15 I’m wondering when I should start flight school, I do not know what I really want to with becoming a commercial pilot or a private, but I would like to go for my private pilot license since you have to graduate high school for commercial licenses.

I wanted to know

  • When Should I start flight school
  • And if I should finish high school before I do anything


Hello Dylan and welcome,

That decision is really up to you? If you think you just want to fly recreationally or for your own pleasure you can get a student pilot license at 16 and start taking lessons in your spare time. If however you think you want to do it professionally, you’d really be best off not only finishing high school but college as well. After you earn your degree you could complete all your training in very short time and start build time to get hired. There are also colleges that have aviation programs.

Regardless I recommend you take an intro flight and see if it’s really something you enjoy.


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I think that the answer to your question really depends on what it is you want to do with your licenses. If your desire is only to be a private pilot then it is perfectly acceptable for you to start training now.

If you desire to be an airline pilot then I would go to college, get a four year degree and then attend a flight academy. if the airlines are in your future it really makes sense to wait until your education is complete before you start flying, that way you can really focus on your flight training.


Thanks for the quick response @chris and @Adam

I think I’m going to end up going now or soon and seeing if I really enjoy it before i go to college and get a 4 year degree. Thanks for all the help!


Anytime. Feel free to come back whenever you have a question.



I’m also young and I want to know what classes would I have to take in collage? I want to become a commercial pilot when I get older and have no idea on how to start and where to go.

Thanks in advanced!


Please visit our FAQ section as we detail the process and answer many of the most common questions.