16 year old aspiring to become a pilot

I’m currently 16 years old, and my dream is to be a Pilot for a well-known airline such as JetBlue or Delta. I have no experience with planes or aviation; What are some things that I can start doing now that will make my road to becoming a pilot much easier? Also, do you have to have any experience with foreign languages to communicate with dispatch?

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Hello Sebastian and welcome! (it is Sebastian yes?)

You actually answered one of your questions yourself. You say you “have no experience with planes or aviation” so the obvious answer is to get some! Please don’t take this wrong, but I always find it interesting that people will say they dream of being a pilot without ever having flown a plane (and no riding in the back of a commercial airliner doesn’t count). It’s kinda like going to watch a baseball game and deciding you want to play for the Yankees. While that’s all good, and there’s nothing wrong with dreams (nor am I trying to smother them), if you’ve never actually stepped onto a field or picked up a bat you really don’t know. So you need to remedy that. Google your local flight school and take an intro flight and then decide if flying is really something you want to spend the rest of your life doing. Make sense?

We’re also very privileged to live in the age of the internet. There’s a wealth of information out there (this forum is a great place to start). Start reading about aerodynamics, weather etc. What makes a plane fly? What are JetBlue and Delta’s requirements? I could go on forever. Learn my friend.

Not sure what you mean regarding foreign languages communicating with dispatch, but let me say this. If you are a professional pilot or an air traffic controller working ANYWHERE in the WORLD, you MUST BE ENGLISH LANGUAGE PROFICIENT and able to demonstrate it.

Good questions, keep them coming.



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