16 year old wanting to fly

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I am currently a junior and I should have my associates degree in science when I graduate from high school. From what I have read, once i graduate from high school I can attend flying school. And once I become an Instructor I can simultaneously get my Bachelors degree. So once I get all of my hours I can become a full time pilot.

My question is, whether the information I stated above is true? Also, is there a better way to get a flying job? Can you get a job with only an associates degree?
One last question, are there any specific classes I should take while I am in community college which will help me get through aviation training?

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You’re close. The only slight adjustment I’d make is it would be very difficult to get your BA while flight instructing (if you’re instructing full time. If you’re not it will take you quite a while to build the required 1500hrs). You can in fact work for a Regional with just your Associates degree. The most common (and efficient path) is get your Assoc degree, go to flight school and get your licenses and rating. Work as an instructor to build your 1500hrs. Get hired at a Regional and then work on your BA so you can get hired by a Major. As far as you field of study I always recommend studying something you have interest in. This way you’re more likely to do well and should flying not work out you have a plan B.

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You are correct that you should be able to enter ATP after you graduate with your Associate’s Degree, subject to the admissions department approval.

You will not be able to flight instruct and work on your bachelor’s degree at the same time. As a full time CFI you will be far too busy to attend to your work schedule and college classes, one of the two will suffer. What you can do, and what I suggest, is work on finishing your bachelor’s degree while you are working for a regional airline. Many pilots have done this and have had success with this path.