17 yrs old with a dream, plz help!

Hey. I’m Anna Grace Melton. I live in Charlotte, NC. I am 17 years old, and a senior in high school. I’m extremely interested in becoming a commercial airline pilot, and I would add good diversity to the field, since I’m a woman, I’m Russian, and I stand at 4’11. I have no medical conditions that would prohibit me from flying. My main concern is how to go about all of this. I’m assuming I should get an associates degree first, (probably from a community college for money’s sake) and then start ATP? But how would I take on the $80,000 of tuition? I mean, no one can just afford that! How do people do it? What would my day-to-day schedule look like in the ATP program? How would I make money after I “graduate”? How do I get hired by an international airline? This all confuses me, and there’s so many moving parts, I just want guidance. I feel like this dream is so far-fetched.


Welcome to the forums. Please take a look at our FAQ section as most of your questions are answered there. After that, we would be happy to help answer specific questions.