18yo College Student interested in Fast Track - Need Advice

I’m an 18 year old female currently enrolled in Binghamton University on my way to getting a 4-year degree. I’m passionate about flying (my dad was a pilot, and I grew up watching him fly) but I have no experience I’m unsure of the education requirements to become a pilot. I don’t want to waste my time/money at college if it isn’t going to put me on my career path (commercial airline pilot), so do I need to graduate? Also, I am currently a biology major, as I wasn’t sure what major to chose, I’m willing to switch my major but not sure which one would look the best for ATP? And does it even matter what major I graduate with for the Fast Track Program?


Short answer is no, the major does not matter at all. The long answer is for you to take a look at the FAQ section as many of your questions can be answered there.


Thanks so much!