1st class medical cost

Hi everyone,

I just made an appointment with an AME and it’ll cost me $250 to get a first class medical. Is this the expected price? I don’t need an EKG because I’m 22 years old. I’ve been seeing a huge range of numbers online but nothing above $200. I’m assuming it’s more expensive because it’s in New York City? I wouldn’t mind rescheduling if it’s too much.


I had one 1st class medical that cost me $250 - no EKG (I was about 26). That was an unfortunate accident because I didn’t check the price ahead of time and this guy thought that he was high profile enough to charge a ridiculous amount. Spent the whole appt talking about how he did Sully’s reinstatement. You shouldn’t pay more than $150, some you can find for closer to $100.

Thanks Jordan. I will keep this mind; I also just called a few other places and another doctor wanted $600. I am not sure where they’re shooting these numbers from.


Take a ride to Jersey or upstate. Should cost you half if you get out if the city.


I went to JFK last year, Dr Manuel Ceja. I paid $120. He’s the cheapest in NYC

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Thanks so much, Jonathan! Just made an appt with them. It was $145 for me.