1st class medical with asthma

Quick question, will having asthma keep me from getting a first-class medical certificate and if I can, will there be any restrictions? I haven’t taken any drugs for treating it nor have I been hospitalized because of asthma before, in fact, I hardly notice it anymore, but wanted to make sure.
Gabriel Schwind


You will need to direct those types of questions to a FAA medical examiner, only they are qualified to answer such things.



Only an Aviation Medical Examiner can determine that. However, after some quick research it sounds like you’ll be fine.

Take a look:


The AOPA also has a brief article that includes an Asthma Worksheet. Read the article. Fill out the worksheet. Bring the worksheet with you along with your First Class Medical Application to your appointment.


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Ok, thank you both so much. I will look into those sites.

Hi Gabriel,

I am diabetic and had lots of questions that I was unsure of even after doing a lot of research and readings. I looked up some AME Doctors and sent some emails asking questions before my First class Medical Exam and they were very helpful on answering all the questions. Also, when I went for my exam few days ago, He also walked me through exactly what I needed to do to possibly get a special issuance certificate which I mailed all my documents yesterday. I would say just reach out to one of them.


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As the others have said you’ll need to speak with an AME but I know many pilots with asthma. Unless it’s really bad or uncontrollable you should be fine.


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Gabriel - 1st hand experience - you will need to present to your AME a PFT Study from your primary doctor. AME needs to be assured of your ability to absorb oxygen without the need for meds. Mine went smooth after that.


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