2 hour commute while in school

To save money while going through ATP I’m considering moving back home. This would mean a 2hr and 15min commute to the ATP flight center in Sacramento. I was curious on your thought on having such a long commute while in training. I’m unsure what the structure of the class is, or the hours I’d be expected to be there. Do you feel the commute is worth the lower living costs?

That’s almost a 5 hour round trip, Every single day… So yes, I would say it is a lot. Add all those hours up at the end of the week, and I’m sure you can put them to better use in something else other than commuting, a full time job, studying, relax time, etc.

It takes me about 1 hour to get to my training center… Maybe 1 hr and 30 mins if I leave at the wrong time (rush hour). I find that very tolerable for me.


I think that is way too long of a commute, and I do not mind long car trips one bit. That is time that you could spend studying, or getting much needed sleep. On those early mornings, a 2.5 hour drive will make it especially difficult. I would strongly encourage you to find a place closer to the airport.



It’s going to depend on you and your commitment to the program. In general, I think that’s too far, but I had a student commute from Modesto to Sacramento every day. He was able to make it work, but that’s only one student.



There will be some VERY long days of training. Factor in a 5hr commute which will severely cut into your study time and I don’t see a successful outcome here.