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2 Non ATP Questions

This isn’t related to ATP but I was wondering 2 things that I couldn’t really find answers to, maybe because of my ignorance.

On many aviation forums/websites/etc. I see that there is a lot of distaste towards Jerry Falwell, and Norwegian Air. I’m sorry for my ignorance but could someone explain to me why both things/people are disliked so much in the Aviation community?

I have no clue about Jerry Falwell. But Norwegian, I have a vague idea that still doesn’t make sense. After a few online searches I found that pilots petitioned to the president that the carrier was undercutting labor laws and it was ruining the US carrier industry. I don’t really know what that means fully, though. Is it just that the airfare costs are so cheap that the majors can’t compete? I’m sorry if I sound stupid asking, but I was just curious.


These are not stupid questions at all, they are very valid questions. Jerry Falwell is a preacher who has a history of being racist and a hypocrite. He pretends to run a non profit organization and asks for money from his supporters while living in a huge mansion and enjoying an opulent lifestyle. In my humble opinion, he abuses the tenants of Christianity for his own personal gain. His college has a rather questionable history. Do some research on him and his college online and you will find all sorts of discussion about this.

Norwegian offers low fares and they do this on the backs of their workers. They pay completely sub-standard wages to their pilots, mechanics and FAs. They have done this by exploiting weaknesses in European Union laws and by using Ireland as the tax shelter they are known to be. The issue is not that they offer low fares, it is that they do this by not treating workers fairly and by skirting the edge and intent of the law.


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Thanks Chris!
I looked specifically about what you said about Falwell, and boy does he seem shady. His racist past is honestly quite disturbing. Liberty Univ. seems shady as well.
As to Norwegian, that makes a lot of sense. I didn’t know the specifics as to why they were hated so much, but since they don’t play by the rules I guess it’s obvious.
Thanks a ton for your answer even though they weren’t directly ATP related! I hope you had a happy holiday!

Anytime, we are always happy to answer any questions that come our way. In fact, the original intent of the forum was to ask general questions about the piloting career.

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