2021 pilot salary

Good afternoon everyone,

I have been in the Law Enforcement field for several year and I am considering a career change. I have tried to research my question and I keep coming across search results that seem to be old and more than likely out dated. My question is this:

What kind of salary, benefits and retirement should I expect with a career as an airline pilot or corporate pilot?

Thanks for the input and advice.


Please visit our FAQ section as we cover pilot salaries there in detail. In short entry level Regional FOs earn about $40k to senior Major Capts making $400k. Corporate flying can vary that greatly as well.

All airlines offer 401K plans for there pilots with the average employer contribution around 15%.


It’s common for top 5 part 135 operators like Net jets, flex jet, XO Jet, to have starting salaries in the $70k range for FOs and can reach up to $250k.