30year brazilian imigrant( permanant resident-green card holder) best career path?

Hi everyone,

My name is Thiago, i’m 30 years old, i’m from brazil and i will be moving to tampa in a couple of months.

After doing some research on what career to pursue I found some youtube videos on aviation and I was hooked!

For the last couple of weeks, I’ve been trying to learn as much as possible.

If you don’t mind I would like input from you that are in the business for years.

Which one is better? ATP or cadet program?

For me, the pros of ATP are not leaving Tampa and my family.
Don’t commit to an airline right from the jump.

However, the cadet program has seniority in the company early on and it guarantees the transfer to the majors after a few years without having to get a bachelor’s degree which will save me a ton of time and money.

Now for regionals and majors,

I do apologize if I say something wrong since I’m not 100% sure.

Are there good regionals and any majors based in Tampa?

I found it only in Orlando, Miami, and Fort Lauderdale.
I’m asking because my goal is to live on base or as close as possible to it.

And what are the best regional airlines in your opinion?

Thank you all !

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Right that is what I have l learnEd


  1. Since ATP is one of the preferred schools for many cadet programs, there’s no need to choose one over the other. As for the “guarantees”, please keep in mind those stated have lots of fine print. Have trouble in training, don’t be a model employee or have some other issues and that flow will go away. Further many pilots get hired at the Major of their choice before the flows as the airlines will not cannibalize their Regional partners. Those with 4yr degrees will always get preferential interviews.

  2. Not that I’m aware of. Airline Domiciles Map / ATP Flight School

  3. What’s the best car? Food? Movie? Different Regionals offer different benefits and opportunities. That something for you to decide but frankly I’d be more concerned with maybe learning how to fly before I worry about who might hire you 2-3yrs from now.


I should point out that entering the cadet programs does not really help with airline seniority. Maybe for pass travel benefits, but certainly not for your pilot seniority which is what really matters. That seniority starts on the day you are actually hired at the airline.


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Watching YouTube videos is great for inspiration but you really need to take an intro flight to really see what flight training will be like. The career looks amazing from a cool montage video of sunset takeoffs and landings in a 737. But the reality of lots of tough hours in a Cessna 172 or an archer getting your ratings and building time is a very different reality.

Don’t get too wrapped up in which cadet program or airline is right for you. You need to focus on getting into the program: admission requirements, securing financing and taking an intro flight. Then take one rating at a time. I know it can be exciting to plan out your whole aviation future but you’re really putting “the cart before the horse.” None of those cadet programs will be available to you if you don’t do well in the program. It won’t matter which regional you choose if you have multiple checkride failures or can’t make it though training… you see my point?

First things first. Besides, so much is changing on a daily basis in the industry right now. Better to make those decisions with the current information when you’re actively at that stage.


Hi Adam, thank you for taking the time to help me

1- thank you

2 - I haven´t found that link, very useful, but as I imagined, I would have to move to Miami or commute to orlando. But if I´m not mistaken, I saw somewhere that silver airlines have a base there.

3- I agree it´s just I really would like to stay in Tampa and not have to move at all, I try to always see a few steps ahead, try to come up with a plan, the best plan, and stick to it.

But I agree that it would not be the same answer for everyone.

Thanks again for helping me.

Hi Hannah,

What I met was, I saw some videos about aviation in general, and I really liked that pilots do get recognized for their efforts over time, at least, that´s what it seems to me.

I do understand that the beginning is VERY hard, borderline impossible to some people. But for me, I always see things as you first have to earn and then get things from life. So I´m ok with that.

And I agree with you, first things first( flight training, securing funds, ratings, etc), and I do have that almost handled, for now, the part that I don´t is that we are in our 30´s( me and my wife) and we are planning to start a family soon, and I really wouldn´t move but If I did I would try my best to stay in Florida. So I as said to Adam, I was just trying to create a plan, the best one for me with your help.

Thank you all for taking the time.

I hope one day I could get to know you all

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