31; PPL wondering how to get to the airlines

Hello all!
I am currently working full time and have been able to get my private pilot certificate and almost ready for my instrument rating and commercial…my only question is what would guys/ladies recommend for me to do to get to the airlines.
I’m single and can relocate anywhere, I only have a high school diploma and no college degree. I’m very much interested in either corporate jets or any airline and I don’t care about the money I JUST LOVE TO FLY, I would really appreciate any feedback much much thanks


To qualify for the airlines, you will need to have 1,500 hours of flight time. Most people build this time via flight instructing, but there are other low-time gigs out there like towing banners or flying jumpers. I recommend taking the CFI route as it is a way to quickly build high quality flight time.

For the majors, you will need to get a college degree.



You say you’re “almost ready” for your Instrument and Commercial. Does that mean you haven’t started that training yet? If the answer is no then I recommend you step things up. While 31 is nowhere near old, if you aspire to fly for the airlines or corporate you should start moving a little faster. An accelerated program like ATPs could literally have you working as an airline First Officer 2 years from now. Getting paid and building seniority. You should know to advance to the Majors AND many corporate jobs do desire a college degree but that’s something you can think about and possibly pursue in the future. But again if you truly “love to fly” and want to become an airline pilot there is no faster or better route.