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Trim will be your best friend. I remember more experienced pilots telling me, “it’s the poor man’s autopilot.” Since your archer doesn’t have one, the trim is the closest thing to it. If the plane is trimmed out, you can focus your immediate attention on other things.

Glad you had a great first day! Looking forward to hearing more of your updates along the way.


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Hey rob,

I was just ready for a change, I was getting burnt out at my previous job and this was something I wanted to do so my wife and I talked extensively to see how we could make it work financially. We’re married just under a year. We have no kids but we have a mortgage. My wife works full time and makes a good living. We worked out some numbers and we were able to make it work. I continued to work my shifts as I was getting approved for my sallie Mae loan. During that process I got my first class medical completed. After the loan approval, I scheduled my start date and gave them a deposit. Atp then sent me all my materials and I got cracking on taking the Private PAR knowledge test. I was able to get that done before my start and am about ready for my IRA instrument.

I suggest taking that you take the intro flight and go from there. You didn’t mention anything about a family but I’m assuming you probably have a wife and kids? Talk to your family about it and realize it’s going to be probably a 1.5-2 years of sacrifice.

Good luck!



First, thank you for your service in law enforcement. I can only imagine how difficult life has been the last few years for you and your family. Also, sorry to hear the reason you abandoned your PPL at 21. Flying is inherently risky and accidents happen. That’s why it’s incredibly important to go with a flight school that prioritizes safety in all aspects of training. That way the risks can be mitigated as much as possible.

The time really is now to start. There hasn’t been a better time to be an airline pilot. There’s was a big boom in hiring similar to this a generation ago. Now that those guys are hitting the mandatory retirement age, airlines are left with a huge staffing shortage. Now this was forecasted but Covid was not. Now airlines are faced with not only the wave of retirements but getting their pilot base current and back on the line after more than a year of furloughs and reduced flying. Now that we’re out the backside of Covid, people are wanting to travel creating unprecedented demand on air travel.

The extreme hiring window is open now and is predicted to last the next 8-10 years. If airlines don’t get the pilots they need, it could last longer. Or they could fill the demand and it closes sooner. The time to be hired is now so that you have as many seniority numbers behind you when the door shuts. You don’t want to be the last one in the door. That’s low seniority, reserve, bad QOL and first to be furloughed.

If you’re considering this career, make your decision soon. It will take two years of training to get to the airlines so you’ll already be at year 3 of the hiring even if you started tomorrow. There’s no time to waste.


Hi Kyle,

Thanks for that. Very useful. I have a mortgage and nothing saved for training. I do have kids especially two very young ones - a 2.5 yr old and a 7-mo old, so definitely some major considerations in what kind of sacrifices I’d be making. Am also hoping to be able to do most of my training at Morristown. Is that where you do most of your training? I practically live on one end of the runway. I do have a flight scheduled in a week and am looking forward to that as my first step. I’ll definitely talk to the instructors there and other students for their experiences. I think as long as I understand what to expect, making the commitment will hopefully be easier.



Expectations are important for sure. It is also a good idea to discuss those expectations with your family as the program is very demanding. While you may only have a 2 hour flight and an hour ground scheduled, the rest of your time should be spent studying/getting ahead. I’m not saying that you will be completely absent from family activities, but I am saying that you will need to find a balance.

There will also be periods that will be conducted away from your training center as well. A couple weeks are spent on crew cross county flights with another student. Another 2-4 weeks are spent at CFI school.

As far as timing, I agree with Hannah. The shortage is real and it is in full swing.


Hi Tory,

Thanks for that insight. Almost everyday there’s news about pilot shortage. Just the other day we saw news about Southwest pilots and the demand for help with staffing shortages.

In any case, my impression is that balance can be found. Hopefully schedules are known in advance to some extent enough to be able to achieve that balance. Am excited for my upcoming intro flight and will definitely ask others there about their personal journeys. Thanks.


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A week and a half into my Private stage and have my private solo evaluation scheduled for next Wednesday. I have been very lucky to have had the opportunity to fly everyday since I started last Monday the 20th due to some great weather here in the Northeast! I can’t believe I’m actually going to be doing my solo in about a week as long as everything goes well. They weren’t lying when they said the school was fast paced!

Question for the mentors…

When is a good time to start getting a resume ready to send out to regionals etc. I know I have a ways away until I’m instructing to build time but I just want to get a feel for a timeline as I progress through the phases satisfactorily.

Thank you!



I would not even worry about a resume until you have finished the program. Sure, there are some regional airlines that accept people with ridiculously low hours, but that is by no means a requirement and will do nothing to affect your actual seniority at the airline. I would 100% focus on the flight training at hand and hold off on the resume until you can safely write all of your licenses and flight time on it.

Let us know how the solo evaluation goes.



With all due respect, let’s use a baseball analogy. You’ve never played baseball in your life but now you’ve hit and caught a few balls and you want to know when the scouts are coming and from which teams?

Have you finished all your writtens yet? If not I’d be studying for those. If you have, I’m 100% certain there’s something else you should be studying.


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@Adam @Chris

Adam, agreed! Haha

Thanks, was just curious.