4 days to go

So today is my last day of employment in my current job I’ve had for over 8yrs and I start ATP on Monday!

I’ve already done all my written exams with all scores in the 90’s and coming in with credit for private. I’ve done the required modules online too. I even have my bag (almost) packed ready for my first day.

Is there anything I should be preparing for over the next few days or just take it easy and enjoy the quiet before the real studying begins next week? I feel like I should be doing more to get prepared.



You should relax and enjoy the calm. Eat, drink and be merry… while you can :slight_smile:


I would reward yourself with some down time. You’ve saved yourself a lot of extra time by getting those written tests done. If you can’t help yourself and need some reading material, I would open the aircraft supplement for the airplane that you’ll be flying.


Thanks, I like the advice of just relaxing for now. I was worried there is something else I should be doing


Just relax and enjoy your last few days off.


Which exams have you done?

I already have my private do didn’t need to do that so, in order: IRA, FII, CAX, FIA, FOI.

I did the IRA and FII back to back as they are basically the same questions