4 months out

Hey guys,

Just checking in with a quick general question. I am currently living in Cleveland, OH and will be moving out to Phoenix, AZ to attend the IWA campus. I’ve already completed all the required knowledge tests + AGI/IGI. Just doing some general studying here and there, nothing overkill. Trying to spend as much time with the fam as possible before the big move. I work a pretty busy M-F job, which will go on until right before I head out. However, over spring break I am planning to knock some things out regarding my car, bank accounts, medical appointments etc., just trying to tie up some loose ends.

My question is did any of you move away from home to attend an ATP location? I know CLE-PHX is kinda drastic, but I love the lifestyle/weather out there and do have some family in the Scottsdale area. Any advice on things I should get done beforehand? Any things that you would have done differently if looking back? Since i’d like to instruct immediately after finishing school, I am planning on bringing most of what I own out there with me. I think the hardest part of all this is the buildup to the start date. I tend to be an OCD person and always look ahead. As of now, i’m trying to stop stressing and make the most of the next few months before reality sets in :slight_smile:

As always, greatly appreciate the insights!

Jonah W.


While my move wasn’t as dramatic (I went from NY to VA), it might as well have been. It’s not like I was able to go home on weekends or anything. The OCD isn’t going to like this answer, but try and relax and don’t sweat it. GUARANTEED you’re going to forget stuff and wish you had brought (or hadn’t) things but it’s all good. While it’s not home, it’s not like you’re moving to a Third World country. You can FaceTime with family and friends. Seriously it’ll be over before you know it.



First of all, congratulations on completing all of the writtens, that is a huge accomplishment and you will be very glad that you did it.

I moved from Virginia Beach up to northern Virginia to attend ATP. It sounds like you are really well prepared, but the good news is that even if you forget something there is always Walmart near by.

Just relax, you will figure it out as you go, enjoy your time with your family.