400,000 or more?

Is it possible to make more than 400,000 per year at the majors as a captain? what is the max that you guys have heard of ?


Under current contracts it is difficult, but not impossible, to make more than $400,000 per year as a Captain. The highest that I have ever heard of is $650,000, but that is by no means normal.


A friend just told me that the faa limits how many hours a pilot can work. So would 430,000 be out of the question at United American or delta on a triple 7 international?

No, but it would take a lot of work to get there.

Well thank you. I’m wondering what I need to do to do that - not that salary is the only motivator- the experience of flying is the primary one- the knowledge that you are getting people to where they need to go- every person has their own story of where they need to go. How would you secure a salary like that? Working 90 hrs a month? International?


If I recall correctly, you are in your thirties or so. As such, it will be difficult to reach the pinnacle of flying a 777 as a Captain on international flights. You would probably end up as a captain someplace, but on a smaller airplane not making quite as much, but still earning a good salary.


I am not i am 22 working on my degree joining a 4 yr school soon. I am at community college with 23 credits. I plan on joining atp once I get the degree in about 4- 4.5 years. I’ll be around 28 or 29 when I start as a regional pilot. I’ll probably have a thirty five year career or more. Does the info I gave change anything ?


I’m sorry but you’re killing me! “How would you secure a salary like that?” By working VERY hard and excelling at your field. You’re looking at the top echelon in a very challenging field and you haven’t even begun training. While it’s great to plan and look ahead with all due respect you’ve yet to earn your Private license or even soloed. It’s a LONG road with many twists, turns and potential pitfalls and the fact is most pilots will never get to that level. For now I’d really focus on doing well in Community College, THEN doing well in your 4yr school, THEN earning your PPL, CPL, ME rating, Instrument rating, and Instructor ratings, THEN building the required time, THEN getting hired at a Regional, THEN upgrading at that Regional, THEN getting hired at a Major, Then upgrading at that Major and THEN you can think about maybe earning $400k.



Still thank you I can’t believe my question was even posted . Hindsight 2020 says I maybe asked a silly question. Good advice none the less so I am grateful.