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5th Generation iPad Mini Question

I just got enrolled today, and I will be getting a new iPad Mini.
My choices for memory size are limited to 64GB or 256GB.
Can anyone please advise on how much memory I will need for my ATP training and beyond?
Thank you,
Darren H.


64GB is plenty. Foreflight should be the largest app installed which is about 15.5GB.


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I second on what Tory says. Though I will add there are some other apps you’ll acquire throughout your training such as King Schools’ Companion, Sheppard Air, Hold Trainer, WindTunnel, FAR/AIM, but these won’t take that much space and they’re all very helpful when you’re at certain stages of training. For example, I have King Schools’ Companion app, I have downloaded all the IFR, CPL/CFI, Garmin 430 & 1000 videos for offline use and the app totals 23.44 GB. I downloaded all of ForeFlights available documents with Jeppesen charts and it totals 27.81 GB. Also, I want to add, I have imported many Advisory Circulars, Study Guides and other aides into ForeFlight which show my high GB. Those are two of the biggest files on my iPad, I still have room for system updates which right now, my iPad is current on version 14.2 and that consists of 6.65 GB.

Hope this helps!


I have a 64GB version and it works just fine with everything that I needed for ATP. IMO there is no reason to pay the money to get the 256GB version.

Thank you.