737 Training, Phase Two

As a reminder, United splits training into five phases, they are as follows:

  1. Systems
  2. Procedures
  3. Maneuvers
  4. Line type experience in the simulator
  5. Operating experience in the actual jet.

I just finished phase two tonight. This phase consisted of five practice sessions in a Flight Training Device, followed by an evaluation in the same. During the procedures portion of training we focus on the procedures that are used to prepare the airplane for flight and to safely conduct the flight. What this means is how to program the computer, test the various systems, and make final preparations for flight. Once airborne, we focus on reroutes, changes to clearances, a few system malfunctions, aircraft performance and then the various types of approaches that can be conducted to landing. In the Flight Training Devices we almost exclusively use the autopilot as the emphasis in on managing the aircraft and not the actual flying skills.

I am going home for a few days and will come back this weekend to start phase three.

737 MAX Flight Training Device

737 NG Flight Training Device

United Flight Training Center in Denver, Colorado.