A bit of United News

I wanted to share some of the latest news from United for everyone holding their breath (myself included) to see the way Covid-19 is shaping the near future of our industry.

This weekend United announced plans to close 3 international Inflight Service Bases HKG(Hong Kong), NRT(Tokyo-Narita), and FRA(Frankfurt, Germany). These are mainly Flight Attendant Domeciles and have been around for 26 years. I’m not sure what effect this will have on Pilots (if any) but it’s sad news nonetheless.

Every storm cloud has a silver lining, so here’s the good news. United announced a ramp up in July schedules including, reinstating 150 of our U.S. and Canadian destinations, including 140 suspended non-stop routes. Although there’s still a way to go that’s a big improvement from June.

Wanted to share that news with all my aviation brothers and sisters.
Stay postive and have a great weekend!


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That you for the update.