A little heads up

I talked to a pilot recruiter for Amercian the other day while visiting my dad at work. They are working on partnering or doing their own flight program. They said they didn’t have all the details yet, but hopefully would have something to put out there by the end of February. He said that their program would be nothing like JetBlue’s program, that it cost way to much. They are trying to work with a bank to where you didn’t have to start paying for the loan until you got a job at the regional. They said it would be around 3 years from start to finish, with the finish being riding on the left seat of a regional.

Don’t it taker about the same amount of time through ATP? I know each regional is different on upgrade time. I asked about ATP and he said that would be a great place to do your training and to get a job and that they highly recommend them!

If I’m not mistaking their 3 big regionals are PSA, Piedmont, and Envoy.

ATP is two years from starting from scratch to right seat of a regional.


Interesting (obviously need details) but I’m pretty sure you mean RIGHT seat?


Are we to expect most airlines then to move towards this business model? I see Europe leaning towards cadetships . Will this mean schools like ATP could lose out ?


The problem as I see it is the time frame, the 1500hrs and the cost. Perhaps AA’s program will be different but I’m still under-impressed by JetBlue’s. Factor in that you need to be approved and the incredibly small class size and I believe ATP (and other schools) will be fine.


Thanks as always Adam.