A Little Pilot Humor :)



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That’s great! :joy::joy:





:joy: :laughing: Touch and GO! GO! GO!!!

Hey @Adam @Chris @Tory when you feel bogged down with questions just remember people are asking a puppet for career choices :joy::rofl::joy: Captain Roger Victor posted this a couple days ago

I am curious, did you find that helpful? I found his wind up to be so long and boring that I had totally checked out by the time he answered the question. I also find it really hard to take a puppet seriously.

Maybe I am just grumpy because it is 6:30am and I have been up since 3:30 :slight_smile:

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I was actually surprised that it was a serious answer as it’s a satirical channel.

I think it could help someone unsure about it but fortunately (unfortunately for your question) I’m out of PHL so I have a few regionals I would like to go for out of PHL or atleast an airport with 20 flights a day to/from PHL


I actually saw it the other day and was hoping it would either be briefer or funnier in the hopes of posting. I’m actually a fan of the guy but not as much lately (think he might be running out of material?). Anyway he makes some good points and while I agree that wholey owned Regionals should offer more stability and a quicker flow to a Major. I then have flashbacks to Comair and how Delta literally buried those guys.


I made it to 1:09…


I agree I wasn’t expecting serious conversation but I also haven’t seen one of his videos in about 6 months.

I had to survive the whole thing to make sure to disclaimer it satire or not as we see what happens when people believe The Onion