A pilot's social life

Hi there. I love reading the posts on this forum–you mentors are very informative, frank and kind in your responses. Thank you!

Is the social life of a pilot different from the average? I imagine it would be, because pilots have unusual work schedules. Other people might make friends with their coworkers, or people they meet at some other regular function: church, bowling club, poker on Saturday nights, whatever. But pilots’ coworkers are from across the country and they don’t run into each other often. And many pilots’ schedules don’t permit them to make weekly commitments. Right?
Is it difficult to make and keep friend relationships as a pilot?


Actually the law requires pilots to only have pilot friends and socialize with other pilots as we seriously lack social skills :slight_smile:

Joseph pilots are like everyone else, some have many friends, some few. Yes we travel but I know tons of pilots who have tons of friends all over the world. At the beginning when you’re new and lack seniority, sure your schedule will be less than great but you’ll still have it a few weeks in advance which gives you plenty of time to plan (I paddle with a team 3 times a week). Not sure where you got the co-workers across the country thing? Sure airlines have different bases but so does Starbucks. I’m very friendly with all the workers at my base as well as those at bases elsewhere. In short as I’ve often said if your relationships are solid they’ll be fine, if they’re not they won’t, even if your a mailman.


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Welcome to the forums and thanks for your kind words.

You do bring up a good point about making weekly commitments. I have found it a bit difficult to commit to something that is the same day every week, especially when I was junior. Now that I am pretty senior I have very little problem with it and am able to hold almost every weekend off.

I don’t have a lot of pilot friends that I see outside of work because very few live near where I do in Michigan, but just like anybody else I have friends from all walks of life. I am able to keep up with people just fine and am sometimes able to visit people from other areas while I am on my trips.