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A visit to the SLC school

I have a visit scheduled to visit the school in Salt Lake/Ogden Monday with an introductory ride included. Do you have any tips as to what to look for or ask or look into? I have written down several of the questions that Chris had listed in the “Flying the Line: Questions For Any Prospective Flight School.” Many thanks for that insight Chris! If anyone has experience at the Ogden location I’m all ears. -Mike
FTR: I have 15 hours TT booked in an AMD CH2000 with the last one being solo.


I am glad you found those questions to be helpful, they compromise a pretty exhaustive list that I think should help you cover all of your bases. Just remember to ask all of your questions and to ask followups if you are not sure about something.

I will be curious to know what you think of the introductory flight, if you have a a few minutes afterwards please post an update.


OGD is a nice location. It’s inside the FBO’s building that looks like a log cabin, it has a nice feeling in the winter :slight_smile:

Have fun!


The visit at OGD was great! Having been in touch with admissions and then reading lots of threads on this website I was expecting a professional set up and that’s what I found. The facilities are great like you say Yarden and well put together. The staff was friendly and helpful and were able to walk me through the questions I had. As for the intro. flight it was good as well. Fairly uneventful and having flown before wasn’t too overwhelming. I did enjoy seeing/using the G1000 cockpit! Beyond sims that was a first for me. As of right now I’m signed up to start March 6. I have several things I need to get taken care of before starting so have to wait till March. This brings me 1 step closer!


I am glad that you enjoyed the tour and flight so much! Also, congrats on scheduling your start date, that is great news. March will be here before you know it. Feel free to come back here with any questions you have as you prepare to start training, we are always here to help.


Excellent Mike!

As Chris said, feel free to reach out. The closer you get to your start date the more questions you’re bound to have.