A320 Rating. Beneficial or not?

Hi guys,

I’m sure this question has been asked but the hiring market is ever changing. I’m at atp mins and have my written done. I have about 500 hours jet time. I’m debating on paying for my own atp and with it a type rating for the 320.

Is this something you guys would say is beneficial in today’s market? Or would it not really help me since I won’t have any actual time in the 320?



I don’t know a single US airline that lists a type rating in any of their requirements (neither minimums or preferred). Some of the foreign carriers do but as you point out they also want time in type.

If you’re at the ATP mins you should be applying wherever you’re interested (and maybe since places you’re not) and most important you need to keep flying as most airlines don’t like to see down time.



Are you keeping your applications updated regularly? I couldn’t imagine an airline like regional skipping over you just because you have 500 hours, the 500 hours would be extremely beneficial in an application as you’re not a “low time first officer” entry. I am unsure if it would be beneficial to pay out-of-pocket for the ATP-CTP or let the airlines handle it. I would recommend reaching out to the airlines you’re interested in. Furthermore, have you followed up with any airlines that you have dropped your application to or just passively letting your application in their pool?


I have not actively reached out. That is a great idea. I appreciate the feedback. Just trying to do what I can to get ahead!

Thank you, Adam. I have thrown my app out to a lot of places but there is always more and I could always be doing more! Thank you for the advice! I’d like to try to get ahead as much as I can (as everyone feels of course)!


I ALWAYS ask those that are applicants or inquire, “when was the last time you’ve emailed a recruiter or team?” The more interest you show, the better opportunity and/or chance you have at getting your application pulled first.



It’s great you’re looking for ways to improve your resume. It sounds like you have met all the requirements for a regional airline. Hiring is slowing down a bit compared to the last 12 months or so, however, it’s only temporary. The best thing you can do is network. Reach out to recruiters, show up at hiring events and put yourself out there.

I wouldn’t spend the money on a 320 type. The airline that hires you will want to train you in their own SOPs. Plus, what if you go to a regional with CRJ and ERJs, well the 320 type won’t help you much there.