A320 Students

Curious if anyone has a guestimation as to how many students are going through the A320 class either per month/week? I haven’t been able to secure a partner and thought maybe there’s another way I need to go about finding one. I am in contact with a rep but get the feeling that obtaining the A320 type is not a highly sought after rating. Thanks in advance…

Doing the A320 type aside from formal training with an airline like Frontier is unusual. However, have you tried posting in the ATP students and alumni Facebook group?


Yes Hanna. Posted my request on the FB page also. It’s posted on the ATP front page for the type so I figured there were provisions for easily obtaining it. I had a possible opportunity for an FO slot out here at LAX if I had the type but couldn’t secure a partner in time. The cost almost sounds too good to be true.


You could ask but most people get their type ratings from the airlines they work for as they transition and few airlines (if any in the US) require a type rating prior to hire. The A320 also isn’t a popular corporate jet so that’s out.

Can’t imagine the number is very high.


That’s true, it’s where I received my type ratings also. Appreciate the input but I’m not looking for advice on whether I should get one or not. ATP advertises that they offer it at anytime and I would like to take advantage of the opportunity if I can find a partner. I could also do it by myself but it will be 5 grand more. If you hear of anyone, please let me know.



And no one offered advice on whether you should get one or not. You asked does anyone have any idea how many are getting one each month? I offered the reason why it’s not very many.


Okay, great…

I am planning my atp and a320 training in october and am looking for a partner.