A330 Certifications

I’m really interested in ATP and would like to begin courses starting next year. My career goal, if I am able to graduate from ATP, is to become a captain on an Airbus as what Hawaiian Airlines flies. After graduating from ATP, could graduates continue with getting their A330 Certifications or is it typical for the Majors to send their pilots to their own training free of charge to the pilot?

Aloha Kekoa,

As you may or may not know, I am currently an A330 pilot for Hawaiian Airlines so I do know a few things on the subject. First you need to understand there are a few steps between ATP a Hawaiian A330 Capt. After graduating from ATP with you licenses and ratings you will need to build time. Most typically that means flight instructing, however if you live in Hawaii (and maybe have some contacts) you may be able to get a job at Mokulele shortly after as they will hire you with as little as 350hrs. Either way you’ll need to build the 1500hrs necessary to fly for a Regional airline and build some turbine time. After that you can apply to Hawaiian for an FO position.

While many new pilots have been assigned to the Airbus, with the new contract that airplane will most likely become very senior so you’ll probably be assigned the B717 or the A321. After a few years of that you could bid into the A330. Through all those steps, whether it be flying the Caravan for Moku, the CRJ for SkyWest, the B717, A321 or A330 for Hawaiian, each of those airlines will train you free of charge. Some will even pay YOU during training.


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Thanks Adam! I did notice that you’re flying with Hawaiian and I was quite hoping that you would respond. I certainly wouldn’t mind moving back home to fly under any of those airlines. Its even better that they will train you free of charge as well. Thanks for the quick response!