AA Degree

If a student has an AA Degree, completes the ATP course and flies for a Regional as a Regional FO would there be time to be able to complete the BS Degree online over 3 or 4 years while working as an FO? It seems like there would be by taking a class or two each semester but I just wasn’t sure if schedule/lifestyle it is doable.


Absolutely. Obviously it takes some discipline to buckle down and study vs hanging with the crew. The fact is as a Regional pilot you’ll find yourself with a good amount of spare time and I know many pilots who have earned their BAs, second degrees and Masters while working as Regional pilots. It’s also worth noting that if you go for about aviation degree many schools will give you credit for your licenses and ratings further lightening the load.



Like Adam said, it would be hard work, but certainly doable. Many, many pilots before you have gone down this path and have done well with it. The hard part for you will be to really find the time to dedicate to your studies and finish your degree, but it is certainly possible.


This is so good to know. Thanks Adam!


I wholeheartedly agree. Get the AA, or your first two years of core classes done - don’t take summers off, you are in career mode. Then enroll with ATP flight school, get it done, get your hours instructing, again, don’t take months off. Get your Regional job flying a jet, then take online courses to get your BA (business is my suggestion, as you are always in business for yourself).

The harder you work now the easier it will be later.