About apply, discovery flight and reserve a spot at ATP

I wish to apply for Carmillo Airport or North Las Vegas Airport, where my brother live at. I am able to go ATP in February or March. How early to take my discovery flight? There is $3,000 dollars to reserve a spot. I won’t be able to save up till Ocrober. I have family member that was Navy Pilot in the past to help me to cosign Sallie Mae Loan. Also. he has great credit score

Adrian Randall



Adam posted the enrollment steps, I would follow them, step-by-step. You can take an Admissions Flight no more than 12 months out (if that still applies), a financial loan is valid for 9 months (any finance questions, inquire ATP’s Finance Department), and a FAA First Class Medical (privileges) is valid for 12 calendar months.

If you have any questions further, we’d be happy to answer them.