About me

A little about me is I am 25 years old and I am ready to become a pilot. I first thought about this a year ago. Things kept coming up in my life and I has to postpone flight school. I am now debt free with 10k in savings, I paid off my 2019 Dodge Challenger and I have about 35k in my 401K (That I plan to take out to help towards schooling.) With all that said do you think I am financially ready to start schooling?


Obviously that’s a decision only you can make but sounds like it to me.



Nice work paying off your debt and securing some savings, like Adam said - you are the only one that will be able to tell if you’re financially ready or not.



That depends on how much you think you will need for living expenses during the program and if you plan on applying for additional funds to help cover those costs and your credit history.

Everyone’s situation is different as is everyone’s comfort level with debt. If you can make the numbers work then I don’t see any reason why you shouldn’t proceed.

Don’t forget about the importance of the intro flight. Financially ready or not the most important thing to do is verify that you love to fly. Some people just need an intro flight. Some need a few lessons.


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