About Regional Hiring & Online College

1.) Do you guys think the regional airlines will be hiring well after 5 or 6 years? Or is it something that no one can predict?

2.) You guys say it is not easy to finish up a degree online while working for a regional airline. What makes it hard (saying that I have less than 30 credits left)?

I hesitant to put a number on it because no one knows.

Online school is a matter of motivation and time management. Online school requires a lot of self discipline and it’s hard to finish something after having taken a break from it for a while. If you’re on reserve you’d have plenty of time to study. If you have a line you’d have to study on your off days or on your layovers. Not everyone is motivated enough or mana he’s their time well enough to stay on top of their schoolwork.




  1. As Tory said it’s impossible to predict but just as the airlines are vulnerable to a crisis like the COVID pandemic, they also ALWAYS recover. The general consensus is 2yrs till we’re back to 100% unless of course something else “bad” happens. When it does they’ll still be record retirements and a restored need for pilots.

  2. Being Regional pilot is a great gig. You’ll fly all around the country have a wonderful time with some great crews with plenty to do and see. When you’re not flying you’ll want to spend quality time with family and friends. The problem then becomes having the discipline to buckle down and work on that degree. It’s not hard, as Tory said is a matter of motivation and again discipline.


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Thanks guys for answering! This pandemic better end quickly.

I think if you have less than 30 credits left and really dedicate yourself to your college that it should not be an issue. The problem comes when people get busy with “other” things and college becomes a dead last priority. Try to get on it as soon as you can, don’t put it off waiting for the perfect time because that time will never come.


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Thanks for the advice. I really appreciate the replies!