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Do you want to know about me? For real? This is not reality. I visited Daytona and nobody can give information. Someone came to us answered a couple of questions and had to leave. Nobody sat down with us to know what we wanted. There was not a tour to see the facilities. Do you know how much it means to pay $ 75,000 dollars? I have every right to know all the information and my concerns about the course. But there was no staff to assist and help us. Heyy more Professional Please !!!


Did you call and schedule a tour in advance as we always recommend? Flight instructors are busy, busy with other students. You can’t just expect them to drop a student or a flight with a student because you showed up. If you call and schedule a tour, somebody will be available to help answer all of your questions and will not be rushed.

Yes, I know exactly what it is like to take out a loan to spend tens of thousands of dollars on flight school. I have been there, done that.



Did it pay off? Was it worth it?