ACPP Cost Increase

Hi all,

I noticed on the ATP website that the cost for the Airline Career Pilot Program has increased. The zero time cost is now $96,995 and the credit private cost is now $75,995 (an increase of $4,000 each). There is also a new “training center premium” being applied to certain locations: $3,000 in CA, MA, NY; +$2,000 in CT, MD, NJ, OR, WA.

I paid my deposit for the program prior to these cost increases, and believe I am still only paying the lower price I was quoted before, based on my Extranet account information. I just wanted to make any prospective students and others aware of these increases.


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Again? I already got my loan approved. Does this mean I have to reapply for my loan?


It is placing the deposit down that locks in the price, a loan approval does not do that. You will need to call the admissions department to see exactly where you stand.


I just submitted my loan application tonight after looking over the cost over the past week or two and emailing Kirk… and it had raised the $5k. Hopefully you can get the old price since you were already approved!

Update, I just spoke to admissions and they said they would offer me the old rate since my loan application with Sallie Mae was already approved. Glad to save an extra 6 grand.




Glad to hear you were able to lock in the lower price! Unfortunately the cost of everything is going up, and flight training isn’t immune! I think the last time I went to the grocery store, organic eggs were more than $6!



Unfortunately, we are in a time where prices are changing like crazy, such as AvGas. I remember when I could pay $4 when I was a private pilot holding my certificate and in recent months I was paying near $7. Flight training is not cheap, but the rewards of the price are unremarkable… I’m glad you were able to get a good answer from ATP!