Active duty in the Army

Hello my name is Heli. I posted this question before but I seem to have left out some details so I’m gonna ask the question again. I am joining the army this summer as active duty. My contract is for three years. The ATP course requires an associate degree which I will have by next year. So my question is will I be able to still work and take the ATP course? After my contracts over I will be living Like I said billion and working in any civilian airlines.


To reflect off the other question you posted and seeing the responses from fellow peers. If you wanted to work and attend ATP, the best option would be the Flex Track Program, as @Addison said on the other post: “This program allows scheduling flexibility needed for those who cannot dedicate full time to flight training. You will provide your availability a week in advance and your instructor will schedule you accordingly. The requirement that we have is that you are available for at least 15+ flight or FTD hours per month.”

For more information on the Flex Track Program visit this link: Flex Track Airline Career Pilot Program / ATP Flight School

The other program which ATP advises and does not want to see students working is the Fast Track Program because it involves a lot of time outside of the training center studying and preparing for upcoming flights, checkrides, and sim events. In your best interest, the Flex Track Program is the one to be in if you’re wanting to work full-time and train.



While I appreciate your desire to be expeditious, there is no way you can successfully be in the Army full time, go to school and complete the ATP program at the same time. One or all with most definitely suffer and that could severely impact your career. Further to fly for an airline you don’t simply need to complete your training, you need to build the required 1500hrs of flight time which usually takes at least another year and a half flying full-time.

I recommend you visit our FAQ section and get a better idea of the process.