Active duty military to ATP

My question is would I be able to get a good airline pilot job after the service if I go to ATP? I currently only have around maybe 20ish college credits and I’ll have 4.5 years military once I ETS. I’m not super big on going back to full time college because I have a family now of my own. But I’m 100% about becoming a pilot I’ve flown around the world 4 times and loved it. And also is ATP a good school I don’t know a whole lot about it?


Two things here. First you can get hired at a Regional without college but if you want to fly for a Major (which you will) you’ll need to get your degree at some point.

As for whether or not ATP is a good school, if you look up to the left you’ll clearly see the ATP logo. This is ATPs website so obviously we’re all fans of the program which is why we’re on here. All the mentors are current airline pilots who did their training with ATP. That said please don’t take my word for it. Do your research and choose the school you think is best. I think after you do you’ll conclude that ATP is the way to go.

Btw, it doesn’t matter how many times you’ve flown around the world, until you’ve sat upfront with your hands on the controls you really won’t know it’s flying is for you. You need to take an intro flight or lesson.



You should be able to get hired at a regional without a degree, but you will most likely need one for the majors. The licenses you earn at ATP are FAA licenses, the same ones you would get at any school. You will certainly benefit from ATP’s reputation. Take a look at the “Student Experiences” section of this website and the Airline Placements page on ATP’s website. Those two should speak for themselves as to the quality of the school.


i just got off active duty military. I plan to start my training at ATP. because it is much more faster. I’m not does your base have it, i think all base have it now. Its call TA Credital . It pays up to 4k every acadimc year for your school. you can use it for PPL While on active duty, I didn’t have chance to use it cause i was getting out. But you can use it and fly 3 times a week. Friday afternoon Saturday and sundays. Come in to ATP without PPL can save some of your money and time. GI BILL does pay for school, not ATP and it will take you 2 year to finish. You can reimburse your checkride fee though with gi bill i believe. Also GI bill dont pay for private pilot license regardless where you going to learn fly. So get your PPL while at active duty. Also you can be in the guard or reserves while going school at ATP, And i think guard giving 7,500 bonus or 20.000 bonus for active duty tranisiton to guard. not sure the amount. Ask SFLTAP when you ETS. They will try to get you to guard or reserves.