Additional tests

Hey guys, another question here. I mostly see people ask/respond about the written exams and only refer to “private”, “instrument”, and “commercial” exams. On ATPs website I see that there is the private, instrument, and “CAX, FIA, FII, FOI”. I’m going to assume the CAX is commercial. I never really see these other 3 talked about much. Can anyone tell me what exactly they are and what its like to study for them compared to the others? I imagine at least one of them is for your instructor rating?
I plan on taking at least up to the instrument written before enrolling. Just curious on the others. thanks for the help guys.


There is more info on that here:

The studying is about the same for all of them, just rote memorization. I would plan two or more weeks for each one. The more you can complete before starting the program, the easier your life will be.


Thanks so much Chris!