Admission ATP

Is it possible by any chance to join ATP while working on your green card or there are no exceptions you must have your green card i your hands?


Sorry but yes you must have your green card.


It’s not just an ATP specific requirement. Proof of citizenship is required to begin flight training per the FAA. There are a few programs that will grant specific permissions to non-citizens through a detailed application process but they are hard to come by.

The TSA states you must have approval from them before starting FAA pilot certificate training, FAA instrument training, initial instrument training and training for a type rating for aircraft above 12,500 pounds.

It’s on the ATP website.

That’s not ATP specific. But yes it possible to train.


I appreciate your input, but no, it is not possible to train with ATP unless one is a US citizen or permanent legal resident. TSA and corporate requirements differ in this area.


Jaap & JR,

This screenshot is right from ATP’s website under the Admissions Prerequisites and Requirements webpage:


Hello Hannah,
Hope all is well, i would like to ask a question i am interested to renew my instrument rating or a instrument flight procedure check . I did my ATP from ÀLLATP jacksonvill and these days i am currently flying for a major Airline in Middle East and i am Non-Us citizen but hold visa BI/B2 & C1. Inshort i would like to be instrument current on my FAA license

Thanks for information


If you’re in fact flying for a Major airline then you’re instrument current. Further as a pilot with an ATP you should know that.



I think there is some confusion in your post. So you have an ATP license but currently flying for a major in the Middle East (under their certificate system). You’re asking how to renew your instrument currency on your FAA ATP license for flying in the states (assuming you haven’t exercised your ATP privileges in the last 6 months)?

You should check with a local FSDO, but I’d imagine a simple IPC would check the box.