Admissions Flight Observations

Hi, Folks-

I had a great admissions flight on Monday morning in Sacramento, and I wanted to share a few thoughts for those about to do the same.

First, my instructor Sean reached out via text the day before my flight. It was to resolve a scheduling issue, so that may not be typical, but it helped to allay my concerns that I was going to be shuffled through a “pilot factory” and treated like “just another newbie”. Everyone I met was personable and kind, and I was treated with respect.

Second, I was impressed with the facility. The place was clean, modern and well-appointed, as were the people I met (ha!). There were nice study rooms and cool simulators- it was place I could definitely spend a lot of time in and feel good about it. And the flight line is right outside the door!

Third, the plane was really well-maintained. It wasn’t banged up or worn out in any way that I could see (from my military background, I’m used to “training equipment” being sub-standard). The nav gear especially was really modern and cool. I found the cockpit to be comfortable and roomy.

Finally, the flight itself was perfect. Sean was keenly aware of what a big decision ATP is, and he gave me as much time at the controls as safely possible and prompted me for questions often. There was no sales pitch- he just wanted me to learn and experience as much as possible so that I could make my own decision about moving forward. It was just what I had hoped for.

So there you go- if you’re on the fence about ATP, I strongly encourage you to go take a flight as soon as you can. Shoot, I’d do it again just as a joyride. Flying is fun, and getting familiar with the program and how things work is icing on the cake.




Thank you for sharing your thoughts on the Admissions Flight. Please keep us in the loop when you schedule your class date.