Admissions flight

Can family members like my wife and son come to the admissions flight?


At my training center in Sacramento it wasn’t a problem. If you call Admissions I’m sure there’s a way for them to reach out to an instructor at your training center to check.


Thank you, they don’t plan on flying with me I was just curious if they could come to watch and my wife had a few questions herself.


Your wife and son may come on the tour and look at the aircraft, but they will not be permitted to go on the flight.



I’m glad you clarified. That’s what I thought you meant. They can hang out at the airport. They can’t be in the plane.


Is admissions flight the same as intro flight?


If you’re talking strictly about ATP then yes and it’s required. If you’re talking more in a general sense regarding other flight schools than no. Most local flight schools will offer intro flights to give people the opportunity to sit at the controls of a small general aviation airplane and see if it’s something they like. In the case of ATPs admission flight in addition to the above also gives ATP the opportunity to meet you. While there’s no formal exam or interview they are assessing if you have the proper attitude, demeanor, and basic skills to be successful in the program.


Thanks Adam!
Did mines back in March all set to go.