Admissions Questions - If SODA needed


This is my first post on the forums so hello all! I attempted to read as many posts as possible to try and find the answer to my thoughts/questions. In short, I have a first class medical exam scheduled for next week. I am committed to becoming a pilot one way or another, however, I may need a SODA due to my left eye being borderline 20/20 20/25 (with glasses) due to an astigmatism. My right eye is 20/20 with AND without glasses so I am pretty optimistic to either getting my first class with no hitch or with a SODA depending on what the AME says.

Post monologue, my question is this: In the event I need to get a SODA, does that disqualify me from using ATP as my flight school since I wouldn’t have a First Class until I do my flight eval for the SODA?

Hopefully what I posted above makes sense and I look forward to seeing feedback



That’s a really great question but unfortunately I believe it’s one for ATP Admin so give them a call.



You will need to speak to ATP admin on this one, I recommend asking for Eric specifically.