Advantages and disadvantages

Based on your experience and opinion, what are the advantages and disadvantages being a pilot??


There are many pros and cons to being an airline pilot but with all due respect, I don’t ever try and convince anyone to do anything. In my mind there’s only one reason to be an airline pilot, we get paid to do something we love. There are definitely easier ways to make a living. It requires a fair amount of training which is expensive and then you have to build time to get a job which there are guarantees you’ll ever be successful. There are definitely higher paying gigs out there. When you do get hired you start at the bottom with a lousy schedule and that continues throughout your career with upgrade and transition to different airplanes and companies. Things are good now but if they turn there can be furloughs, downgrades and pay cuts.

As I said, in my mind there’s only one positive but to me it outweighs EVERYTHING else (and is actually the key to a happy life). If the other things sound really terrible to you then you may want to do something else?


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