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Advice for a foreing pilot

Hi my name is Fernando

I am 44 years old. I hold ICAO commercial and 1450 hours, i am thinking to past the writen atp and apply some regional lines in USA, I read that some Airlines could sponsor me for green card.
Do you know if this is true? Any advice to do the ATP CTP and the written test?


Not sure where you heard that from but no, US airlines will not sponsor your green card. In order to fly in the US you need to either be a citizen or permanent resident. Both take quite a bit of time and paperwork to a accomplish. I don’t mean to offend, but if an airline were to sponsor a pilot (again which they don’t) it’s doubtful it would be for someone who’s 44 with 1450hrs. Also to get your ATP you would have to complete the ATP CTP before you could even take the written. I believe you’d be better off staying in Europe or perhaps looking to Asia.


Thank you Adam. I know that I need to have the ATP CTP before do the writen ATP, for that reason I ask about a center to the CTP.
Concerning the green card I know that is long to obtain, but I will.
Sincerily if I want to fly in UE i should do the 14test and asia I don’t have type rating to can fly there.
Thank you again for your quick answer

Whatever you choose you should get moving!