Advice for interested person in aviation

In fact , I have a question I would like you give me advices and thank you in advance
I am a guy living in USA , as actually I like to study aviation, my age is 31 years old and I am interested in Aviation and becoming a pilot .
Would you please give some tips and advices about studying
And what are the schools and academies in Florida to study aviation?
I am living in Tampa Florida
Thank you very much and I really appreciate it
May God bless you


Please take a look at our FAQ section as we explain there process.

No offense but by the lack of proper grammar used in your post I get a sense that English is not your native language? Just a heads up, to do flight training in the US you need to do a TSA background check and to work as a pilot in the US be a citizen or have permanent resident status.


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I am a 72 year old with a PPL. I want to get current for recretional flying. Have not been a PIC in 52 years. Cannot find my logbook, but do have my license certificate. Also if it works out want to buy a single engine piston. Would like to find an agent who could help me get current, and help in purchasing an airplane. Kind of a bucket list thing!

Sorry, but this forum is geared towards airline pilots. I recommend contacting AOPA with your questions.