Advice - Interested in Aviation

I have currently thought about changing career paths and have been interested in becoming a pilot. I have no knowledge of airplanes nor has anyone in my family pursued a career in aviation. I do get motion sickness but have read this can be overcome after so many hours of flying. I am nervous but I think mostly it is due to what others have told me. I have been told that I cannot just go into this career with no knowledge.
But I am very motivated when I put my mind to something, and I am very detailed oriented. I currently work 80hr work weeks just because I enjoy working. I know I won’t be able to work during the 7-month training, but I will definitely be putting all my energy into schooling.
As current pilot’s do you guys have any advice for someone who is interested in pursuing this career?


Welcome to the forum! You absolutely do not need any prior aviation knowledge or experience. You need to have a passion for flying, good study habits and a strong work ethic. We recommend you take an intro flight. Being prone to motion sickness is very common but can be remedied. I experienced it when I first started and got over it very quickly.

Feel free to browse the ATP website and the FAQ section here. There is a wealth of knowledge to help you get started. Let us know if you have any other questions! We’re here to help.


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First and foremost the people who have said you can’t go into your career with no knowledge really have no knowledge of this career. The pilot shortage has been getting alot of press lately and that’s been spurring alot of interest from people who have never thought of flying before and that’s ok. While we get many posts that start off with “being a pilot has been my dream my whole life”, that’s really not a prerequisite for the job. In fact my best friend (who’s also one of the best pilots I know) never gave it a thought till after college and then one day decided to give it a try. She’s now a Capt at a Major airline.

That all said many people really have no idea what the job entails, training, timeline, pay, lifestyle, etc etc etc. With that in mind I recommend you visit our FAQ section as well as the ATP website (Pilot Career Guide / ATP Flight School). There’s tons of great info there. More important I STRONGLY recommend you schedule an intro flight or lesson (ATP has a great program if there’s one nearby, if not just go to your local flight school) and take a flight. You mention motion sickness which may or may not be an issue, regardless flying in a small training aircraft is a very unique experience which frankly not everyone enjoys. Really no sense racking your brain and spending money until you know for certain if it’s something you do or do not enjoy. So task #1, Go Fly!



I agree with the others here. There is no reason that you should not be able to enter into this industry, provided you meet all of the necessary requirements. Take some time and do research into this field, you will find tons of information on this website and on ATP’s website.

Also, an introductory flight is an absolute must to see if you really will enjoy flying.