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I recently created this account so I have no way to navigate it, so apologies if it is in the wrong place. I am a junior in college and would LOVE to be a pilot. I would like to get into the ATP flight schools in NYC, or even NYS. What would my next steps be in terms of after college since I am going to graduate in May 2021? 

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If you’re not going to graduate till May of 2021 you’ve got plenty of time. Focus on school. The airlines will look at your grades so that’s where your head needs to be.

About the end of 2020, beginning of 2021 you should start the process.



Please check out ATP’s website as they spell out all of the various steps to enrollment there.



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Mr. Adam

Is there anything i can do, Internships, Jobs, positions, to boost my chances of getting into ATP flight school? I am a junior in college with a 3.61 GPA and have a resume with hundred or so volunteer hours and I am EMT certified. Is this good enough? Please let me know. Thank you in advance.
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Have you been on ATP’s website? This link takes you to their Admissions Prerequisites and Requirements:



I would think that you would be more than qualified for ATP already, but of course the final decision is always up to the admissions department. I would recommend just finishing up your degree and doing as well as possible there.