After completing the knowledge tests

What should be focused on after all the knowledge tests are completed? I’ll have all the knowledge tests done by mid September with my start date not until November 26th.

Did you get the prerequisite sections finished on the intranet?

Not yet. Thanks for the heads up!

Do you mean the ones under Self-study?


If you have a scheduled start date and have paid your deposit you should have received your books and access to the King’s Private course. As Sergey said there are prerequisites that should be completed and that’s what you should work on.


Your pre-course assignments should look like this before you show up for check in:

Show off! :wink:

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So, just the seven that are green with a checkmark? Not the Intro, Electronic Nav, or the others listed after Pre-Course Assignments as well?

I watched all of the videos and did the quizzes through Kings School when preparing for the PPL knowledge test. It’s looks like that’s what the prereqs are.

Yep most of it should be easy to do. So, if you’re feeling like it, keep reading and keep going. I went all the way to solo prerequisites before my start date. I was told the more I get myself exposed to, the better.

I didn’t show you ALL of my check marks, cap’n! :joy::joy::joy:

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I appreciate all the help guys

Hmmm weird none of that is showing up for me, but I’ve completed Kings School. Are they one and the same?

Wanna make sure I call if something isn’t correct!

You still have to complete the modules after you watch the videos. I don’t think they just check off automatically.

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Finally found it! Thanks for the heads up!

Question relating to this topic… Sergey I believe you started at ATP just recently so I thought you would have some good insight… I am currently working toward my Private Pilot License through a local private school and have been struggling with studying outside of my flying hours. I am planning to get started with ATP as soon as I get through my PPL. Wondering if I should purchase the Kings training for Private Pilot License since that is the training system ATP uses currently (correct me if I’m wrong). I’ve been told by other CFI’s that Sporty’s and Gleim are both good as well but I’d like to keep everything as streamlined as possible. If ATP uses King’s I’m thinking that might be my best bet so I know a little better what to expect with the training. Suggestions or advice?

Actually looks like I will get the King’s course once I have my deposit in and a start date selected, so I may have already answered my own question. How much in advance can my start date be?


Yes you’ll receive access to the King’s PPL and all the other required materials once you select a date and give your deposit. You can really secure a date as early as you like but 6mos seems to be the norm.


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Check with admissions, but I believe you need to at least meet the Admissions Requirements and put down your deposit before securing a start date.


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Good evening, Kimberly—
My start date is actually in 2 weeks but I have gone through most of my writtens (FOI will be it and it’s tomorrow), and have studied and read through readings up to Pre-Solo section of the intranet.

Here is my take… if you’re going to come in with a PPL, use whatever your flight school recommends and insist on ground instruction that meets your needs. I have a touch over 40 hours under my belt and my Part 61 back in 2010 referred me to an in person weekend test prep class. My ground training was spotty at best and most stuff I figured out on my own. I used Jeppesen instead and got a 90 on the first go around.

When I signed up for ATP as a 0-hour student, and got my deposit in, I got access to all the training materials. King Schools and other material in the ATP electronic library is all I used to study. I got my endorsement to take the test through the Kings software and got a 100. It wasn’t that the software was that much better, it was the additional reading available (plus I’m a lot more motivated now than I was when it was just a hobby).
I sincerely believe that if you’re going at your own pace at a Part 61 you dedicate and commit to specific daily routine for studying. I spent an average of 2.5 hours a day, started a notebook for key concepts/mnemonics/notes and watched YouTube videos on things I didn’t understand or wanted to take a step further.

So, I will sound like Adam here for a bit because I have learned from studying for my FOi that he knows what the heck he is talking about… Thing is, there is such thing as a principle of primacy. Your first experience with a new concept, maneuver, etc will be your most lasting one and most durable. What and how you learn for your PPL now will set the stage on how you learn or even how you feel about the learning process in the future. If you can’t give this task your peak performance right now it will affect you down the road. I don’t mean to discourage you—on the opposite I want to motivate you to take it up a notch. If you want to take an island, burn your ships…
Best of luck to you and I will keep you posted on how it goes when I actually start flying again!

BTW, ATP Daytona record for FOI stands at 100 percent in 6 minutes… I got that record in my sights for tomorrow :joy::joy::joy: Did someone say aviators are a competitive bunch?