After retirement can I become a Pilot?


My name is Robert and I am retiring at the end of this year from the military. After 20 years of service I am very interested in taking a major turn and want to become a pilot. I am 39 years of age and I want to start from ground zero. What are my best option to start my path to become a pilot? I do have the GI Bill available to use. I don’t mind working in other countries either. I am open to ideas I just Need a few directions from the experience on this forum. Thank you in advance!
Where and what schools or businesses would get me on the right path? I currently live in Hawaii, FYI.

Hello Robert,

This is America and you can do whatever you like after retirement! Including being a pilot. I actually started training at ATP when I was 39. While you’re far from being too old, age obviously is a factor since mandatory retirement is 65. That was one of the primary reasons I chose ATP, there simply is no faster more efficient route to the airlines and at 39 you really don’t want to waste any time. There’s no need to go to another country (unless that’s what you want?). Right now may actually be the best time in history to get started. There’s a full-blown pilot shortage, airlines are hiring and pay is on the rise.

I fly for Hawaiian Airlines. While I love Hawaii and there are some great local schools, there really aren’t any who have the resources to take you all the way to a career which is why everyone comes to the mainland to train. The majority of pilots I know either send their kids to ATP or Embry Riddle (if they want the degree). I recommend you read through some of the threads on here as you may find many answers to your questions but if not feel free to ask away for more specifics.