Age requirment

Hello everyone. I have always wanted to fly, but never got the chance to peruse the opportunity. I am 33 years old. Is that two late to start? I am working on getting my credit score up so I can take out a loan to help me cover living expenses. I noticed a lot of people seem to be going to school when they are in their 20’s so it kind of has me down :stuck_out_tongue:


Fun fact Chris the AVERAGE age of new pilots is 34 so you’re actually a year early. Sure plenty of people find their way early and that’s great but you’re far from old. I didn’t start till I was 39 so you have me beat.


Hey Chris, I am 33 so I can relate. Short answer No, it’s not too late! I’m most of the way through the program at ATP, and should realistically meet airline minimum hours in a year and a half or less. My credit is decent and I still needed a co-signer for my loan. I also sold nearly everything I owned that I did not deem a necessity, including downsizing my car to something less expensive. If you want this bad enough you can make it happen. Mandatory retirement is 65 for the airlines, that a solid 30 years of you get going sooner rather than later. It’s a significant investment, and a decision that shouldn’t be made lightly. If you haven’t already, go for an intro flight, it can help you decide if flying is for you. Beware, once bitten by the aviation bug, there is no cure. It can only be treated by copious amounts of regular flying. -disclaimer I am not a doctor.

You really made me smile good sir. Yeah I had some rough patches that hurt my credit and I know I could get a cosigner, but I do need to pay some stuff off before I start cause I doubt I could get a loan that would cover 1500 in bills monthly haha. So two things I know I have to work on is lowering my bills and work on getting my private pilots license before I can attend the academy. They require a 2.5 GPA and mine is 2.0 :stuck_out_tongue: It’s been forever since I have been in school.

That’s really good to hear that I am not to late. I remember taking Airforce ROTC in highschool and was always fascinated with flying and wanted more, but after high school I jumped straight into the work force and have done that since. Now Ill do what it takes to get in, so I am trying to get as much info as possible so i can make it happen.